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Vol. 5 No. 10 / 2012

Vol. 5 No. 10 / 2012

Coperta nr 10

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On peer review systems and journals acceptance rate

Drugas, Marius; pp. 7-14; Abstract

Antecedents of school engagement among Romanian adolescents

Robu, Viorel; pp. 15-46; Abstract

High school students as subjects in the process of formation and development of cognitive competencies

Tsankov, Nikolay Sashkov; pp. 47-54 Abstract

Academic underachievement of contemporary adolescents: Meanings and causes explanations?

Tufeanu, Magda; pp. 55-75 Abstract

Experiential process to develop social-emotional skills with children in managing parents’ emotional issues after separation/divorce

Anghel, Elena; pp. 76-85 Abstract

Cultural transmission – the role of a democratic school

Lörincz, Martin Albert; pp. 86-93 Abstract

An indirect harmful effect of family violence: Children exposed to aggression against their mothers

Bora, Carmen; Hălmăjan, Angelica; Secui, Monica; Roman, Daniela; Decsei-Radu, Alina; Danciu, Magda; pp. 94-104 Abstract

The impact of counseling activities on the integration of children with learning difficulties in the peer group

Peter, Karla; Coturbaş, Lioara; Perţe, Andra; pp. 105-121 Abstract