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Vol. 4 No. 8 / 2011

Vol. 4 No. 8 / 2011

Editor: Elena Bonchiş

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Coperta nr 8Video game addiction among Romanian adolescents: A profile of characteristics

Robu, Viorel; pp. 7-31 Abstract

Psychosocial aspects of aggression in school environment

Csibi, Sandor; Csibi, Monika; pp. 32-47 Abstract

Antisocial behavior and academic problems in youths: A Multisystemic Therapy approach

Lulea, Cătălin T.; pp. 48-56 Abstract

Emotional Intelligence and personality constructs

Stoyanova, Stanislava; pp. 57-75 Abstract

How about people expectations

Maas, Margaret M.; Silaghi, Helga M.; pp. 76-81 Abstract

The attitude towards abortion among Romanian adolescents. Implications for the intervention of school psychologists

Robu, Viorel; Segărceanu, Nicoleta-Loredana; Chiper, Alexandru; pp. 82-101 Abstract

Present and future aspects on the integration of children with mental defficiency

Popovici, Doru Vlad; Doru, Monica; pp. 102-115 Abstract