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Vol. 4 No. 7 / 2011

Vol. 4 No. 7 / 2011

Editor: Elena Bonchiş

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Coperta nr 7Anger and music in adolescent cognitive therapy: Are we missing a potential aid in intervention?

Toohey, Michael J.; Kassinove, Howard; Broll-Barone, Bruno; pp. 7-18 Abstract

The homeostasis of motivation and well-being. An experimental study on a sample of Psychology students

Drugaş, Marius; pp. 19-39 Abstract

The dynamics of the relation between direct and indirect aggression in the behavioral manifestations of middle and high-school students

Marian, Claudia; Călăuz, Adriana; Tofană, Vasile; pp. 40-53 Abstract

The reality of living with ADHD

Bilbow, Andrea; pp. 54-58 Abstract

An adaptation and validation study of the Romanian version of the Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire

Perţe, Andra; Bîrle, Delia; pp. 59-72 Abstract

Aspects and predictive models of family functioning

Decsei-Radu, Alina; Roşeanu, Gabriela; Ţirtea, Florina Lorena; pp. 73-88 Abstract

Traits of public school teacher's social representations of mentally challenged students

Popovici, Doru Vlad; pp. 89-99 Abstract

Cinemaeducation - the film as a form of psychopedagogy of art

Dumitrache, Sorina Daniela; pp. 100-104 Abstract

The contamination of teachers' assessment of high-school students' social ability: The effect of academic results

Robu, Viorel; pp. 104-118 Abstract