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Volume (29)

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Table of contents

SMART teacher for a digital generation. Psycho-educational directions for effective learning in primary school

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 7-13; Full article

Distress in preadolescence: Emergent psychopathological elements and socio-demographic characteristics in middle school students

Florina Mădălina Mândru, Darian Faur, Călin Alexandru Serac, Camelia Maria Dindelegan,&  Alexandra Mihaela Ferlai; pp. 14-29; Full article

Inclusion of students with different types of disabilities in mainstream education: The opinion of teachers

Denisa Niculina Vidican, Angela Marușca, Karla Barth, Marius Țepelea; pp. 30-53; Full article

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, applications for school psychologists

Gabriel Roșeanu; pp. 54-64; Full article

Scientific research in educational psychological practice. Optional ability or necessity

Angelica Hălmăjan; pp. 65-68; Full article

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Table of contents

Steps Towards a Better Future: The National Programme of the Government of Romania "Out of Care for Children"

Corneliu-Marius Cioara; pp. 7-10; Full article

Post-pandemic educational psychology interventions in Romania: Pre‑university level

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 11-16; Full article

Math anxiety and math achievement among Palestinian primary school-aged children: Gender differences in association with parents’ math gender stereotypes

Nagham Anbar, Laura Visu-Petra; pp. 17-36; Full article

Education for integrity: Facts, risks, challenges, solutions

Ionel Cioara; pp. 37-50; Full article

Activating mathematical skills through the use of information technologies in primary education

Emilia Rodica Borșa, Adriana Cătaș; pp. 51-57; Full article

Predictors of digital learning engagement in middle school students

Darian Faur, Camelia Dindelegan, Angelica Hălmăjan; pp. 58-70; Full article

Boredom among Romanian children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Correlational study based on data from the international survey "Child well-being in Romania"

Karla Barth, Adela Lazăr, Claudia Bacter; pp. 71-84; Full article

Service-learning – a useful tool for the 21st century school-counselors

Anișoara Pavelea; pp. 85-103; Full article

Implementation of the online teaching-learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic in pre-school education

Mirela Liliana Lazăr (Munteanu); pp. 104-112; Full article

Life satisfaction, social support and stress among university students

Monica Liana Secui, Friderika Sarolta Bede, Delia Iuliana Bîrle; pp. 113-122; Full article

| Miercuri, 22 Februarie 2023

Vol. 14 No. 28 / 2021

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Table of contents

The impact of the pandemic on the educational process. Counseling strategies for all ages

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 7-16; Full article

Understanding student transition in higher education: Self-efficacy beliefs and perceived social support

Monica Liana Secui, Delia Iuliana Bîrle, Roxana Irina Rob, Adela Lazăr; pp. 17-30; Full article

Generosity and life satisfaction among teenagers

Adela Lazăr; pp. 31-45; Full article

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Issues of learning difficulties in primary school pupils

Rita Orban; pp. 7-18Abstract

The conception of pre-service teachers on school assessment and the correlation with their self-efficacy level

Laura Nicoleta Bochiș, Otilia Clipa, Carmen Alina Popa; pp. 19-35Abstract

Review of the book „Young people’s visions and worries for the future of Europe. Findings from the Europe 2038 project”, edited by Dagmar Strohmeier and Harriet R. Tenenbaum

Marius Drugaș; pp. 36-38; Full text

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Computerized math tutoring programs designed to reduce math anxiety and improve math performance in primary and secondary school children

Andreea Petruț; Laura Visu-Petra; pp. 7-31Abstract

Repères concernant l'évolution de la préadolescence des premiers temps jusqu’à nos jours

Sara-Debora Topciu; pp. 32-40Abstract

Lifelong learning as a continuous self-education action

Cătălin Constantin Pascariu; pp. 41-47; Abstract

The role of social capital in children's development

Paula Georgeta Cuc (Pantea); pp. 48-54; Abstract

Roma and Romanian children: Ethnic perceptions within the classroom

Monica Secui; Delia Bîrle; Irina Sălăjan; Lioara Coturbaș; pp. 55-68; Abstract

The educational climate in inclusive classrooms

Laura Bochiș; Daniela Roman; Carmen Popa; pp. 69-86; Abstract

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Editorial. About attitudes and convictions that undermine the educational mission of the Romanian school

Corneliu-Marius Cioara; pp. 07-09Full text

Parental psycho-educational counselling for effective support for children and adolescents to achieve academic performance in pandemic context

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 10-14Full text

Study on Romanian adults’ motivation to attend online courses

Cristina Ghiță; Georgeta Pânișoară; Ruxandra Chirca; Iulia Lazăr; Ovidiu Pânișoară; pp. 15-22; Abstract

Analysis of the special education system in Romania

Beáta Fatime Gyarmati; pp. 23-31; Abstract

Ensuring access to education through inclusion and equity

Mirela Liliana Lazăr (Munteanu); pp. 32-38; Abstract

Teaching during the pandemic – an opportunity to focus on job crafting’s importance for work engagement

Rosana Stan; pp. 39-51; Abstract

What are the main factors that influence the social and emotional well-being of early-adolescents?

Sara-Debora Topciu; pp. 52-63; Abstract

Study on the differences between students, teachers and parents regarding the attendance to online courses

Georgeta Pânișoară, Cristina Ghiță, Ruxandra Chirca, Alina Grecu; pp. 64-71; Abstract

| Duminică, 26 Ianuarie 2020

Vol. 12 No. 24 / 2019

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ADHD and the challenges of developing mathematical skills

Cheregi, Larisa; Zopota, Ciprian; pp. 7-17Abstract

Coping mechanisms in children with specific learning difficulties

Jiboc, Angela Mariana; pp. 18-26Abstract

The efficiency of cognitive tutoring programs in reducing math anxiety for primary school children

Petruț, Andreea; Visu-Petra, Laura; pp. 27-39; Abstract

Parental involvement, a determining factor of academic performance – psychoeducational interventions for parents and teachers who support children's learning and development activities

Anghel Stănilă, Elena; pp. 40-45; Full text

The impact of the gender factor on the prevalence of bullying from schools in Oradea

Tocai (Sîrbu), Ioana; pp. 46-51; Abstract

Using ICT in training mathematical skills in children with special educational needs

Cătaș, Adriana; Borșa, Emilia-Rodica; pp. 52-58; Abstract

Le bien-être social et émotionnel chez les preadolescents

Topciu, Sara-Debora; pp. 59-65; Abstract

Differences in psychological needs satisfaction between general education and special education teachers. Implication for psychological distress

Stan, Rosana; pp. 66-80; Abstract

| Sâmbătă, 11 Ianuarie 2020

Vol. 12 No. 23 / 2019

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I also want to go to school... Or the success of inclusive education depends on the attitude of the teachers

Barth, Karla Melinda; Florescu, Maria Cristina; Ciobanu, Nicoleta Ramona; pp. 7-16Abstract

Current trends in modern parenting

Ghiță, Cristina; Pânișoară, Georgeta; Chirca, Ruxandra; pp. 17-22Abstract

Integration of students with locomotor disabilities in the regular school

Mândru, Claudia; pp. 23-30; Abstract

The phenomenon of bullying - a challenge of national education, starting with the preschool age

Bara, Georgeta; pp. 31-41; Abstract

Children and learning disorders

Pascariu, Cătălin Constantin; pp. 42-48; Abstract

Particularities of quality of life in children with autistic spectrum disorders in Bihor county - preliminary descriptive analysis

Serfezi, Ioana Aurelia; pp. 49-61; Abstract

Coperta nr 18

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Parenting dimensions, relational models and risk factors

Stan, Sabina-Viorica; pp. 7-16Abstract

Values as predictors for optimism in seniors and school engagement in students

Lupu, Mihaela-Bianca; Drugaș, Marius; Cioara, Marius; pp. 17-30Abstract

Developing emotional competence in pre-school children

Dindelegan, Camelia; Negrău, Lucia; pp. 31-47; Abstract

The role of optimism and progress towards personal goals on basic psychological needs satisfaction and psychological well-being

Ionescu, Daniela; pp. 48-62; Abstract

Parental experience. Variables related to parenting

Roman, Daniela; Coturbaș, Lioara; Iancău, Denisa; pp. 63-79; Abstract

The perception of the Romanian college students toward the national and the European identity

Secui, Monica; Bîrle, Delia; Panc, Ioana Raluca; pp. 80-89; Abstract

Coperta nr 18

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Early parenting – strategies, methods and experiential working techniques

Anghel, Elena; pp. 7-12Abstract

Internalizing dimensions profiles of children referred for externalizing behaviours in school psychological services

Quartier, Vincent; Antonietti, Jean-Philippe; Nashat, Sadegh; pp. 13-34Abstract

Integrated education and inclusive education

Ciobanu, Nicoleta; pp. 35-39; Abstract

Students’ primary to middle school transition

Bîrle, Delia; Secui, Monica; Curta, Iosif; pp. 40-48; Abstract

Variables involved in the academic performance of primary school children

Bochiș, Laura; Roman, Daniela; Popa, Carmen; pp. 49-67; Abstract

Educational video games revisited: Perspectives from parents, gamers, and specialists

Drugaș, Marius; Ciordaș, Daniel; pp. 68-82; Abstract

The study of aggression and anxiety at patients diagnosed with diabetes

Dindelegan, Camelia; pp. 83-91; Abstract

Student engagement with school: Conceptual and applicative dimensions

Caranfil, Nicoleta Gianina; Robu, Viorel; pp. 92-114; Abstract