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Vol. 15 No. 29-30 / 2022

Vol. 15 No. 29-30 / 2022

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Table of contents

Steps Towards a Better Future: The National Programme of the Government of Romania "Out of Care for Children"

Corneliu-Marius Cioara; pp. 7-10; Full article

Post-pandemic educational psychology interventions in Romania: Pre‑university level

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 11-16; Full article

Math anxiety and math achievement among Palestinian primary school-aged children: Gender differences in association with parents’ math gender stereotypes

Nagham Anbar, Laura Visu-Petra; pp. 17-36; Full article

Education for integrity: Facts, risks, challenges, solutions

Ionel Cioara; pp. 37-50; Full article

Activating mathematical skills through the use of information technologies in primary education

Emilia Rodica Borșa, Adriana Cătaș; pp. 51-57; Full article

Predictors of digital learning engagement in middle school students

Darian Faur, Camelia Dindelegan, Angelica Hălmăjan; pp. 58-70; Full article

Boredom among Romanian children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Correlational study based on data from the international survey "Child well-being in Romania"

Karla Barth, Adela Lazăr, Claudia Bacter; pp. 71-84; Full article

Service-learning – a useful tool for the 21st century school-counselors

Anișoara Pavelea; pp. 85-103; Full article

Implementation of the online teaching-learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic in pre-school education

Mirela Liliana Lazăr (Munteanu); pp. 104-112; Full article

Life satisfaction, social support and stress among university students

Monica Liana Secui, Friderika Sarolta Bede, Delia Iuliana Bîrle; pp. 113-122; Full article