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Vol. 13, No. 26 / 2020

Vol. 13 No. 26 / 2020

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Editorial. About attitudes and convictions that undermine the educational mission of the Romanian school

Corneliu-Marius Cioara; pp. 07-09Full text

Parental psycho-educational counselling for effective support for children and adolescents to achieve academic performance in pandemic context

Elena Anghel-Stănilă; pp. 10-14Full text

Study on Romanian adults’ motivation to attend online courses

Cristina Ghiță; Georgeta Pânișoară; Ruxandra Chirca; Iulia Lazăr; Ovidiu Pânișoară; pp. 15-22; Abstract

Analysis of the special education system in Romania

Beáta Fatime Gyarmati; pp. 23-31; Abstract

Ensuring access to education through inclusion and equity

Mirela Liliana Lazăr (Munteanu); pp. 32-38; Abstract

Teaching during the pandemic – an opportunity to focus on job crafting’s importance for work engagement

Rosana Stan; pp. 39-51; Abstract

What are the main factors that influence the social and emotional well-being of early-adolescents?

Sara-Debora Topciu; pp. 52-63; Abstract

Study on the differences between students, teachers and parents regarding the attendance to online courses

Georgeta Pânișoară, Cristina Ghiță, Ruxandra Chirca, Alina Grecu; pp. 64-71; Abstract